Nothing better than a music festival in the summer, right? Well some are not limited to the summer but that is when you'll find the lion share of the festivals.

Weather it be over multiple days or just a single day - big or small - far or close - Alternative Rock or Folk or Jazz or Blues - free or ticketed

Make sure you go check out some of the great festivals that are close to our area.

Rochester Area

Buffalo Area

Syracuse Area

Albany Area

Finger Lakes Area

Toronto Canada

National Touring Festivals

In A Day From Upstate NY

We're looking For Information

Our goal is to help promote music in the upstate NY area and we tried to include all the venues on our radar but we might have missed something. 

  • Are you an owner or work for a venue?

  • Can you help us fill in the blanks?

  • Did we get something wrong?

  • Did we miss your venue?

  • Do you want to add your event?

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